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Is there anything what could be as hot and wild as sex torture? I don’t think so and, moreover, you will also realize that sex torture is the only one thing which can bring you really strong and unforgettable pleasure you will hardly be able to forget. Well, here you can witness several horny fellows in dark brown clothes punish timid but really disobedient girl. First of all, naughty lads tie this girl and start squeezing her tits with special device. Each second of sex torture caused girl on brings her really unbearable pain, but naughty punishers keep doing what they love doing best of all. Very soon neat girl gets her nice breasts showered in hot candle wax. She feels about to lose herself of that.

Medieval Inquisition (Interrogatio 8 series)
“Drinking and suffering”

They make her suffer by keeping her nose shut, so the witch, struggling for air, is forced to drink rotten water through the ragged gag.

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